Neon Indian Delivers New Track “Annie” From Upcoming Full Length Album

Lead Photo: Photo by Ben Rayner
Photo by Ben Rayner
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After announcing via Instagram that he was hard at work on a new album for 2015, Neon Indian gives us a sneak peak of the record with “Annie.” This hooky dance track fuses the lo-fi chillwave vibe he’s known for with a tropical funk groove. It seems that all of this hard work has been focused on polishing his production skills and on listening to what other people do to his music. The impressive roster of cult underground artists on his previous release – a remixes album featuring the likes of Optimo and Boyd Rice – must have had an effect on Palomo’s approach.

It’s clear that a lot has happened musically for Neon Indian and there’s some indication that his psychedelic skin has been shed, but maybe the record will be full of surprises.