Neon Indian’s “Techno Clique” Video Teaches Us to Go Easy on the Chicken Thighs

Neon Indian‘s new video for his disco-tinged track “Techno Clique” is a bizarre piece of art, but one that actually leaves us with a couple of valuable lessons. Directed by Derrick Beckles of TV Carnage and Hot Package fame, the video takes place during a middle-aged man’s party at a trashy club, where Alan Palomo is the DJ. Everyone is having a blast, especially the main character, who takes it a little too far – he eats, drinks, and dances furiously, finally choking on a piece of chicken. Things just get weirder and weirder from there on, as he is rescued by dancing paramedics and has near-death hallucinations where he continues the party in a disco version of outer space. And while all of this is happening, Palomo is right there, looking immutable, singing the lyrics with the creepiest straight face of all time.

So, now you know, kids: It’s never too late to learn the Heimlich maneuver, and please, go easy on the chicken thighs.

VEGA INTL. Night School is out now on Mom + Pop. Check out our recent interview with Neon Indian here.