Neon Indian’s “Slumlord Rising” Video Is a Classic LA Crime Film Set in a Seedy Nightclub

A sordid set of events in a club and quirky characters to match are the main treat in the short film “Slumlord Rising,” Neon Indian’s new video. Directed by Tim Nackashi and Alan Palomo (aka Neon Indian), the short’s gorgeous cinematography and droll plot are just the tip of the iceberg fueling Neon Indian’s fiery comeback.

Shot in Los Angeles, a city with a long history of crime movies (Drive comes to mind while watching the short), the clip revolves around a mysterious briefcase and those who want it. The first four minutes of this video are a continuous shot in the spirit of Birdman. Even when we think nothing is happening, everything is happening – the directors leave a few hints for the audience to understand the plot. It’s a welcome addition to Neon Indian’s already fierce campaign for his third album VEGA INTL. Night School, and it’s a video that deserves multiple viewings.