Nguzunguzu’s NA Spills Blood With Explosive Single “Cellar Theme”

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Club music duo Nguzunguzu hasn’t dropped new music in awhile, but its members have surely kept themselves busy in the last few months. Asma Maroof continues to be Total Freedom’s deserving successor as resident DJ at the now-legendary Moustache Mondays parties in LA, as well as a producer for Kelela on her recent Hallucinogen EP. Meanwhile, Daniel Pineda (aka NA) is readying the follow-up to his violent 2013 EP Xtreme Tremble, called Cellar.

Lead single “Cellar Theme” shows that Pineda hasn’t just maintained a spirit of aggression, he’s taken it to another level. The track runs like grime’s cousin, but exaggerates the distortion all over. The low-end is especially blown out, as though he’s searching for a visceral response from the listener. A sinister Nguzunguzu synth line drops in from time to time, bringing intermittent beauty to this filthy track. We’re afraid of hearing this blast at the club, because it could lead to spilled blood.

Remember, both Pineda and Maroof will join Fatima Al Qadiri and J-Cush as Future Brown at this year’s Festival Nrmal.

Cellar is out March 2 on Fade to Mind.