Nicola Cruz Does Hyper-Visual Storytelling In “Colibiria”

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Nicola Cruz graces us with a preview of his upcoming album on ZZK Records, in the form of the track “Colibiria,” the latest in his “andes step” productions. The Nicolas Jaar collaborator and head of the QTZLCTL collective was born and raised in France, but has more recently returned to his roots, having relocated to Quito.
It’s fitting that Cruz describes his practice as “making electronic music that sounds as if a band were playing it,” as meticulously recorded instrumentals (I’m reminded of a similarly thorough favorite, Gabriel Garzón-Montano) and trickling naturaleza samples complement the already hyper-visual storytelling that weaves through the track. It’s clear that Cruz is no stranger to soaking up and creating his own narrations that seem much closer to the region’s pre-colonial traditions than the urban center that he currently dwells in.
Cruz is on a multi-date tour stop in Mexico City leading up to the release of his full-length album on ZZK Records (check out their still-in-progress crowdfunding effort as they work to build out resources to keep the label thriving). Catch his next appearance in DF at Fiesta Unión Mezcalera on May 30th, and if you’re in LA don’t miss him at the Santa Fe Festival on June 5th.