Nicola Cruz Masterfully Weaves Industrial and Tropical Bliss on ‘ZZK Mixtape Vol. 22’

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ZZK Records is back at it with another volume of their mixtape series. Fresh off releasing his debut album Prender el Alma, Nicola Cruz continues to push new material. Boasting a wide range of tempos and melodies, Nicola Cruz’s ZZK Mixtape Vol. 22 showcases his eclectic musical knowledge. From reggae beats to folkloric rhythms, the project offers insight into his creative process.

One of the standout tracks on ZZK Mixtape Vol. 22 is Gaby Kerpel and Balvina Ramos’ “Linda Flor.” Although this song may have dropped a couple years back, Ramos’ powerful, distinct voice shines through, complementing Kerpel’s heavy bass production. London-based artist Flako contributes a raw and industrial track halfway through the tape. While many of the songs vary in terms of tempo, “Kuku” stays intense, with a 120+ BPM production that gives the project a sense of consistency. Frantic beats arrive in a familiar package of long build-ups and heavy drops. Rounding out Vol. 22 is Cruz’s “UIU” remix, which brings it all back to his patented production style. Cruz masterfully layers walls of sound that blend together in the final minute, letting each synth stab and flute sample stand alone and eventually ripple together.

Head over to ZZK for the free download and catch him live live at Trópico in Acapulco.