Nicola Cruz’s “Colibria” Video is a Lush Portrait of an Andean Forest Goddess

Producer Nicola Cruz sure is building up a lot of anticipation for his debut album Prender El Alma, which is due October 30 through ZZK. He already released the great Invocación EP this year, and his tour dates continue to grow and grow, since he’s soon embarking on a tour around Europe, Asia, and Latin America. Meanwhile, he’s got some time to throw us another bone from his upcoming album, in the shape of a new music video for the single “Colibria.”

He shared the Andes-meets-minimal house track back in May, and we already relished its hyper-visual storytelling qualities, so having some official visuals to match it is a joy. Beautifully shot by Camilo Coba Riofrio in San Antonio de Pichincha, Ecuador, the video features vocal collaborator Daniela Baquero, aka Huaira, as a forest deity that looks both strong and delicate, delivering the song lyrics. She wanders curiously through the woods and possesses a weird rock trapped inside a crystal diamond that floats and sheds light. She strikes us as Mother Nature herself, emerging from mud, water, and fire, bringing life into Earth.