Niño Árbol and Mondragón Craft Cinematic Techno Track “Neo Faultier”

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Guadalajara producer Niño Árbol just shared a brand new track titled “Neo Faultier,” in collaboration with experimentalist Mondragón. Both of them are part of the SsenSorial Crew and contributed to the collective’s first anniversary “compilassion” we loved. Niño Árbol wrote this song while on a backpacking trip in Baja California. The track definitely has some cinematic qualities, and it helps paint a picture of his journey there.

The song begins with some cute mallet synth melodies that resemble IDM, only to be re-routed into a techno direction right when the beat kicks in. Niño Árbol and Mondragón rely on repetition, progressive addition of elements, and effect manipulation to make things interesting, and they succeed. For half of the track, there’s a sense of daytime travel, but when we get to the middle part it all changes, taking a darker tone, as though we’re passing through a long, long tunnel. Towards the end, the ambiance turns eerie, with subtle noises that creep into the track, as well as a sinister acid techno bassline that gets meaner and meaner. What a ride.