Panamanian Urbano Artist Nino Augustine Visits An All-Women’s Hustle Emporium in “Miéntete” Clip

Lead Photo: Photo by Saam Aghevli. Courtesy of Tasteful Nudes
Photo by Saam Aghevli. Courtesy of Tasteful Nudes

This Valentine’s Day, we’re only answering that foot-dragging, time-wasting crush with Nino Augustine lyrics. On his latest single “Miéntete,” the Panamanian rapper spits,“Te haces la dura al amor le corres/No hay borrador para que tu me borres/De excusas hay murallas y torres.”

With the song, Augustine again showcases his newfound penchant for romántico tracks, a streak we saw began with December slow jam “120 Millas.” The vibes constitute a real switch-up from the emcee’s debut EP Me Toca a Mi, which included far brasher takes on his Panamanian-Atlantan brand of plena-inspired reggaeton. But lover’s rock suits gravel-voiced Ninz, who delivers his lines with intriguing vibrato.

Photo by Saam Aghevli. Courtesy of Tasteful Nudes

The clip, which debuts on Remezcla today, follows the reggaetónero as he encounters a comely aquarium employee, who promptly invites him down to witness her extra-legal dealings. Populated with business-minded beauty and unrepentant reptiles, the scene lends a certain degree of levity to the song’s straightforward tale of a reluctant love affair.

Nilo Tabrizy and Mae Ryan directed the video. The pair of journalistic videographers found creative synthesis when both working at the New York Times, and clearly relished the opportunity to create new worlds in “Miéntete.” Their hustle-heavy stagings were partially shot in Ridgewood’s Paradise Aquarium — in case anyone is looking to stage a Ninz-approved, Baz Luhrmann’s Romeo & Juliet-inspired cat and mouse scene with that aforementioned romantic difficulty.

Check out the video here: