Nire, Maluca, and Nani Castle’s Feminist Anthem “Commie Mommie” Goes Global With Six New Remixes

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Nire‘s Maluca and Nani Castle-assisted dance rap single “Commie Mommie” is a potent blend of bass heavy global funk and politicized third-wave feminism. When the track is remixed by the likes of Jersey club queen UNiiQU3, NYC-based vogue producer and Joey LaBeija, Stud1nt, False Witness, and more, the girl (em)power(ment) party gets much more intense.

LaBeija’s “Violent Drums” edit, Stud1nt and False Witness’ “Red Scare” mix and Wreck Tech’s “Gulag Rhythmic” mix showcase the agitpop politics of the original song. The first two takes turn the ballroom dancefloor into a battlefield and the vocal sample added to Stud1nt and False Witness’ take really gives the track a revolutionary spirit.

Ynfynyt Scroll creates a tribal guarachero-style remix, the acapella of the hook being weaved between the drums and accordions being particularly impressive. It’s a funky and arresting rework that manages to stand out from some of the other takes. DZA, UNiiQU3, and Wreck Tech bring the bass. DZA’s remix is a more straight ahead and drummy take, while Wreck Tech goes 90s house, and UNiiQU3 chops and drops the track every which way but loose for an exemplary Jersey club production.

Download all six remixes for free here.