Nire, Maluca, and Nani Castle Raise Their Middle Fingers to the Patriarchy in “Commie Mommie”

The video for “Commie Mommie” – a cut off producer Nire’s upcoming Radika album – is a feminist anthem for women of color. It features vocals from the New York-based Dominican rave artist Maluca, along with fellow New York rapper Nani Castle.

In the video, the artists gallivant across New York, dancing in a park and rapping in a club surrounded by neon lights. “They call me a commie mommie, but they want to run to mommy.” In other words, strong women of color are consistently feared and looked at in an unfair light. Men would prefer to run to a stereotypically submissive “mommy.”

The music itself dovetails nicely with the song’s assertive spirit. It’s got a heavy bassline, warehouse-inspired synths, and aggressive power. Both the song and video put sexuality and pent up rage on display. All three of these artists have a lot going for them moving forward; each track they make comes with guaranteed high energy, in-your-face attitude, and clever, anti-establishment lyrics.

“Commie Mommie” is liberating, as it shows it’s more than okay to deviate from gender stereotypes. Nire is continuing to spread this message, as she worked with solely women on this project.

If you haven’t already, make sure to check out Nire’s new album, Radika, available on iTunes now.