No Fucks Extol the Virtues of Burning Houses Down, Staying in Bed, and Vegging Out On High Five Discos

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Looks like our beloved boy/girl duo No Fucks has a label now. High Five Discos has released their three-song, self-titled 7″ that proves to be a big departure from their previous singles. One of my favorites from last year, “Vegetal Tropical,” was very lo-fi, by default it seemed; but the tracks on this 7″ are lo-fi by design—tighter and more leveled. We even get a semi-ballad in the form of “Vegetar.” The songs might still extol the virtues of burning houses down, staying in bed, and vegging out, but No Fucks’ sound has accrued maturity, more point of view. Yay.

Download the 7″ below and watch the rambunctious docu clip for “En la cama.”

[insert-video youtube=4kUk3xdSFrM]