Noa Sainz Has a Rose Petal R&B Razorblade Hidden in “qué bueno!”

Lead Photo: Photo Courtesy the artist
Photo Courtesy the artist
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The money shot for the “qué bueno!” video sees Saltillo, Coahuila singer Noa Sainz’s face flanked by her dancers’ friendly posteriors, twerking athletically yet emotively. Throughout the clip, the dancers’ steady bounce tends to take place in-between Sainz and a suitor who is having trouble admitting his defeat. They’re like Sainz’s (un)emotional proxy, barring his path to wasting any more of her time. Add to this trio’s insouciance the fact that they all have excellent posture, and form divine geometries on top of the cacti and purple sky Sonora landscapes that were shot by production house Neuderts.

It’s a plus that Sainz signing to Warner is yielding such gorgeous visual production values. But “qué bueno!” had us even before the lovely, out of body aesthetic of its clip, a rose petal razorblade of a song. Sainz’s voice has the kind of R&B lilt that will make a listener stick around. The way she lightly drives the nail in her affair’s coffin with a “ya no tengo tiempo” gives chills, and the song’s flutes build lovely flourishes on that sweet savagery. Medellín hitmaker Mosty mastered the thing; clues that tell us that Sainz is being invested in by her team as much as we are, emotionally, in the prospective of a follow-up album to last year’s prescient No Science EP.

Watch the video here: