Nu-Romantics: An Anti-Cornball Valentine’s Day Playlist

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It’s fairly common to talk about Valentine’s Day as a commercialized Hallmark holiday, and that’s understandable. At some point in mid-January, everything gets bathed in red and pink, everything is suddenly heart-shaped, and roses and teddy bears seem to spawn out of thin air. For anybody who doesn’t buy completely into the spirit of the season, it’s a waking nightmare.

But perhaps the problem with Valentine’s Day lies elsewhere. Sure, it’s easy to sell love through candy, chocolates, and expensive gifts. In the end, that’s okay, since corporations use every holiday to make a quick buck. But maybe, just maybe, we shouldn’t be so passive about the day we celebrate love.

We should celebrate our loved ones every day of the year – that’s not up for debate. But if you decide to observe the holiday, why not celebrate love as it really is? Love isn’t stuffed animals and balloons; it’s complete rapture and plenitude shared with another person. It’s passion, laughter, joy, tears, rage, jealousy, thirst, loyalty, sleepless nights, arguing, sex marathons, late night texts, sweaty palms, spontaneous smiles, and so much more. It’s uncertainty and security in the arms of another, and that’s just romantic love.

To paint a more realistic (and less corny) picture of amor, we’ve compiled a massive 46-song playlist. From the sweeping post-punk of Triángulo de Amor Bizarro to Nicky Jam‘s steamy reggaeton riddims, our Nu-Romantics playlist showcases the ups and downs of intimacy in all its forms.