NWLA Wishes Us A Happy 420 With Second Mix

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For stoners all around the world, today, April 20th, is a very special day, when large quantities of marijuana are very likely to be smoked. If you were worried you didn’t compile the perfect music companion for today’s green sessions, you can breathe now, because our trusty NWLA buddies have got your back on this.

NWLA’s second consecutive Happy 420 Minimix Collection gathers three Latin producers and their interpretation of what’s the most suitable music to soundtrack this day, in the form of four short mixes. So, for example, Costa Rica’s Raido provides clunky hip-hop on the Brainfeeder side, alternated with trap and a more high-octane hardcore style. Sunsplash‘s mix starts with Presidente and his salsa track “Live Sushi,” followed by a 26-minute journey through Venezuelan psychedelic music, complete with trippy passages of free jazz, ambient, and weird electronics.

Straight out of Chile, EFESOUL displays his love for Rustie-like maximalism and kawaii-beat on his 4/20 Minimix, which is filled with bright synths, fast beats, throbbing bass, and Ocarina of Time references. Also, Remezcla’s associate creative director, Tony Delfino/NWLA member – and godfather of this 420 Series, Boncker, closes with a fitting and effective raw r&b mix.

Want some extra puffs? Of course you do, and you got it. Also from Monterrey, MKPSX brings the R&B vibes on his Rihannaless 420 Mix, with killer remixes of Outkast‘s “Ms. Jackson” and Sisqo‘s “The Thong Song.” Chilango producer Prins P slows it down and fills the room with clouds of smoky trap beats that shift between romance and sex.

So, head to the official website, hit play on these six babies, and…you know what to do. Happy 4/20, everyone!