O Tortuga Get Nostalgic Over VHS Skateboard Videos On “Siempre Vago”

I don’t remember the name of the first skateboard video I watched but I do remember being incredibly perplexed by the idea of videos of dudes skateboarding and performing tricks to various types of rock music. It was a whole new world my cousin and his neighbor introduced my young, na├»ve mind to.

O Tortuga‘s latest video for their single “Siempre Vago” took me back to that experience. The video begins with a VHS tape (yes, I was around for VHS tapes, SO OLD!!) spinning around in midair before being popped into a VHS player because that’s exactly how we used to do it in the old days. Cut to shots of the boys skating around D.F., goofing off with their instruments, and other funny skater things shot in psychedelic colors and glorious lo-fidelity.