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Black Cats On The Bag—or BCOTBis back again for another season of Finesse Records launches. This time the San Luis Potosí duo offers up a short-and-concise trio of tracks filed under WNTD EP, driving us deeper into their approach to future club-driven music. 

“WNTD” is the opening title track and the strongest one in this reviewer’s opinion. The combination of deep melodic organs with juke percussions and vocal samples in the intro only work as a teaser for a vybes-filled R&B vocal break that truly talks about the elegance and delicate touch these guys have in their production. “G.FA.P.” (Girl From Another Planet) continues the elaboration of juke mixed with trappy percussion but takes the melodic instruments in a more alien direction with very wet reverbs that create a balearic atmosphere. “Just Like that” complements the other two juke-driven tracks with a rather dry but very housey work on the synths and vocal cuts. It’s a pretty mellow track overall and a fine way to wrap this three-piece EP.
If the title track caught your ear, too, get BCOTB’s WNTD through Finesse Records while still available.