Otto von Schirach and Blowfly Defend the Bermuda Triangle in Freakish Short Movie “Pineal Warriors”

It’s known that Miami artist and superweirdo Otto von Schirach will freak the hell out of you whenever he has the chance. His latest effort comes in the shape of a short movie titled Pineal Warriors, which he directed with his brother Egon von Schirach, and it’s a seven-minute superhero story like you won’t find it anywhere else.

Basically, we find Otto as Supermeng (a character he introduced on his 2012 album of the same name) fighting alongside his partner Blowfly against the Anunnaki to save Miami. But, of course, that’s not it. We can see him getting his powers in a bizarre Santería ritual. There are also alien reptiles trying to rule the Bermuda Triangle, women shooting lasers from their breasts, pyramids, bare-naked warriors, and loads of visual effects and neon colors, heavily influenced by Jodorowsky. So, you get the idea.

The three-track soundtrack of Pineal Warriors is also available digitally on iTunes.