On “Pa Qué,” Ana Tijoux Teams Up With PJ Sin Suela to Drag Politicians & Police to the Ground

Lead Photo: Photo courtesy of the artist.
Photo courtesy of the artist.
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Six years after the release of her standout album Vengo, French-Chilean rapper Ana Tijoux is finally ready to release her new full-length, and it couldn’t come in a more convenient time. The first preview of Antifa Dance came back in March in the form of the explosive dembow-tinted title track, once again honoring her political views through her music. On her new single “Pa Qué,” Tijoux sharpens her tongue even more, giving us a convenient anthem for these COVID-19 times.

“Pa Qué” taps into the reality brought to Chile by the coronavirus pandemic and the social explosion that started in her country in November 2019. She aims her words directly towards the police brutality and corruption that plagues the South American country, and she hits the bullseye, dragging the political and public security structures to the ground.

The song title references the famous meme “Si ya saben cómo me pongo, ¿pa qué me invitan?” and it’s a phrase used by the rapper to speak her mind unapologetically. The song also features Puerto Rican rapper PJ Sin Suela, a key piece to make Tijoux’s message resonate all throughout the rest of the continent.

“Pa Qué” features a contagious cumbia beat beaming with brass sounds, and as the vivid images of police officers blinding peaceful protestors with their guns and arresting mapuche street vegetable sellers, the track picks up speed and turns into a tremendous merengue party against government abuse. With these two singles, it’s safe to say that Ana Tijoux is ready to ruffle some feathers with Antifa Dance.