Paola Rogue Purges the Bad Vibes In Rock EP ‘Wights’

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Paola Rogue has released music consistently in Costa Rica for the past 10 years. With her band The Great Wilderness, she developed a shoegaze style that ranged from dreamy ballads to stadium rock. But her solo efforts have been a little more on the acoustic side.

Enter Wights—a solo album released on September 7—that combines the softness of her acoustic works and the heaviness of her electric guitar to show her full range. Her deep voice is the thread that holds these five songs together.

Most of the songs on Wights were recorded in 2016, during “a chaotic period of my life,” Rogue admits.

“This album was about purging all the bad stuff I was feeling. With all the chaos in my personal life, I learned that softness was a better way to approach things and that translated into my art. It’s the first album I made that I listened to and thought ‘this is exactly what I pictured,’” Rogue told Remezcla.

A fine line between noise and beauty is drawn in Wights. Take for example opening track “The Keep,” a slow burning song in which Rogue declares “every second that you’re drowning is a dream come true.” Melodic songs like “No Time Wasted” are no less harsh when it comes to lyrics.

“Lights Out,” the final track, leaves you feeling like a storm has passed and the sky is clearing. Maybe it’s the sort of thing we need right now.

Catch the lyrics and buy the album on Bandcamp and stream on Spotify.