Pato Machete & Héctor Guerra Get Together On New Track By Bial Hclap

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Bial Hclap might have an unpronounceable name but he has a very clear vision of where he wants to take Mexican hip-hop in its next evolutionary stage. This vision involves plenty of eclectic elements that divert from what we are accustomed to in average hip-hop beat production and unexpected collaborations. The result: A new breed of rap en español that appeals to the hardcore heads as well as the curious heterodox audience that hangs outside of the niche.

Take for example “Somos,” his latest single, off the Ríos De Lodo – Lado A EP. It combines the best of the old and the new school by getting Mexirap pioneer Pato Machete (of Control, of course) on the same track with the Spanish/Bolivian Héctor Guerra of the world-famous Pachamama Crew. Then he added some live percussion, some guitar arrangements provided by Boscop Benavente (of Quiero Club), and a girl (Teresa Barros) singing the uplifting chorus. It’s funky, it’s fresh, and it sounds like nothing you’ve heard in Mexican hip-hop so far. That’s just one joint though; the EP has five tracks and includes various big-name guests like Manotas, Eptos Uno, and Capricornio Man of El Gran Silencio, among others.

Photo by Wendy Martinez Marroquin