Guadalajara Rapper P.FLXWS Gets Real About the Come Up on “No Sleep & Hard Work”

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The latest from the team at NWLA is an anthem for strivers featuring 22-year-old Guadalajara emcee P.FLXWS, who, like most rappers, wants to confide in his listeners. That hip-hop intimacy sometimes takes the shape of contemplations in the wake of love lost (see “Tu Olvido Se Fué”) or as in this latest cut, his trials and betrayals on the GDL rap road.

“No Sleep & Hard Work,” which we’re premiering here at Remezcla, falls into the familiar hip-hop narrative of upward mobility. The rapper tocó “las puertas que tu crew no tocó,” but that’s no reason to hate. The bars are punctuated by a pretty, uptempo bridge that showcases P.FLXWS’ earnest delivery. His flow and chorus is somber, and decidedly undefeated; the underlying message is that P.FLXWS feels bad for you if you’re not on board his train – but not that bad.

That determined beat you’re hearing was engineered by Profff, an integral member of Nayarit’s MC Peligro crew headed by mexbowsera Ethel Verduzco (you’re probably already down with their “Date Grasa“). This is one of a couple strong steps Profff has recently made into other projects — don’t miss his floating orb “Bayz,” also released through the NWLA machine, which works through a discordant noise intro to become an electric dancehall soundscape.