Phynx Delivers an Underwater R&B Remix of Indigo Jams’ “Una Oportunidad”

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Guadalajara producer Phynx often adds a sense of the aquatic to his remixes; his elegant R&B tracks can sometimes give you that deluxe underwater experience. Check his drop on DaFuture’s latest compilation for an example of the waves he threw over the Black Eyed Peas’ classic self-love anthem “My Humps.” Vocals are muted and the sleek beats are invited to take the central role. A bootleg pack released earlier this year unveiled similar treatments of Bieber and Plan B. Phynx disassembles pop and reggaeton, with song components put back together in a way that emphasizes a more relaxed moment.

Today, Brazilian-Spanish R&B artist Indigo Jams is up for the tidal treatment. Indigo is a member of the trap collective Broke Niños Make Pesos, and has been steadily transitioning into singing after focusing earlier on a producing career. I stan for his cover of Ty Dolla $ign’s “Work From Home,” useful if you’re looking for proof of the Tenerife artist’s vocal charisma.

Phynx has taken on Indigo’s “Una Oportunidad,” switching out the original’s dembow rhythm for a moody R&B swath. The change lends weight to Indigo’s plea to a lover to give him a chance. Basically, Phynx is like a dating coach, here to help with a soundtrack for the moment in which your game fails you. Utilize this romance, friends.