J Balvin Heads to the Bedroom in Phynx’s Perreo Lite “Ginza” Remix

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First J Balvin makes major strides in his takeover of U.S. airwaves with his summer single “Ginza,” then Justin Bieber drops a moombahton-inflected track “Sorry,” and all the while here I’m losing sleep waiting for a reggaeton remix from his aforementioned Colombian ally. All I know is something is in the air, musical lines are being blurred, and I’m all for it.

Next up in this beautiful moment of cross-pollination, we have Guadalajara’s smooth talker Phynx bringing us a remix for all the Balvinistas out there (hi). The SsenSorial and Gold Frame Records member mellows out the chart-topping guilty pleasure, bringing us a stripped down, perreo lite version of “Ginza.” There’s an undeniable influence from the late 90s R&B aesthetic and polished boom bap kick that’s seen such longevity in the palette of crews like Soulection, and this remix lives up to its ambition, similarly taking Balvin to dreamlike levels.

Listen to the exclusive premiere here.