Mexican Producer Phynx Shares Mystical Track Inspired by Aztec Goddess “Tonantzin”

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Mexican electronic music producers are on fire these days. One of them is the Guadalajaran artist Phynx, who’s been busy lately and plans to keep it that way. He’s part of the Finesse Records Mexican takeover and Gold Frame Records’ first anniversary bash, which we recently highlighted. To keep the ball rolling, he uploaded a new track called “Tonantzin,” and it’s all about subtle seduction.

Right from the start he surrounds us with a mystical atmosphere, sampling folkloric flutes and rainsticks, possibly referencing Tonantzin, the Aztec mother goddess. Then, he drops into a Caribbean beat that’s mellowed-out with the square wave lead synth and the romantic bassline, and we just keep picturing bodies dancing in slow motion. This one is ideal for a beach party right when the sun is setting.