Pional’s “Casualty” Is a Shimmering Party Song for the Brokenhearted

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The most recent work Madrid producer Miguel Barros released under the Pional moniker was his 2014 single “It’s All Over.” But he has far from slacked off since then, pairing up with writer and director Sofia Mattioli for a new dream pop project called Taurus. He also lent a hand in the making of Delorean’s Muzik record, and has continued to perform live. To top it all off, he’s quietly working on a new release, which (according to Barros himself) is the most personal music he’s ever made.

Pional’s new EP drops September 30 via Ninja Tune imprint Counter Records, and it’s titled When Love Hurts (apparently he wasn’t joking about the album being personal). It consists of four tracks, including “The Way You Like,” featuring vocal contributions from synth pop producer Empress Of. Barros himself sings on the rest of the songs, including “Casualty,” the EP’s first single and opening track.

“Casualty” finds Pional in a familiar lane, using acoustic drum and guitar sounds to enrich his melancholy, 80s-inspired compositions. The John Talabot collaborator has crafted a party song for the brokenhearted, blending minor chords and high-pitched vocals with a steady four-on-the-floor beat and even some cowbell hits. Barros asks his lover to take his hand and follow him to a dream world where everything is better – including fairies and cocaine. We missed you, Pional.