Quit Life and Join a Pizza-Loving Cult With Piyama Party’s “Paz Mundial” Video

Ever get the sense that you need to say goodbye to your life and move on to something else? We’ve all experienced a sense of uncertainty and desperation that might lead to thoughts of running away and starting something new. Piyama Party illustrate that feeling in their new video for “Paz Mundial.”

Director Sefárdico and Piyama know that people with their backs against the wall are perfect recruits for cults. In “Paz Mundial,” we see four individuals confess that they’re fed up with their respective lives. Through Snapchat-esque subtitles, they announce they are leaving their quotidian existence for something different. These stories range from the hilarious to the sad, and are displayed in almost monosyllabic narratives. They all end up following a cult leader to a purple forest, which seems bad at first, but his religion seems to consist of painting, watching Terminator 2, eating pizza, and reading Charles Bukowski. Maybe not such a poor choice after all.

“Paz Mundial” is the second single off Piyama’s most recent record, the superb Álbum De Oro. The clip is inspired by Richard Mosse photographs and the UFO-worshipping Raëlist sect.