PR Hip-Hop Seals a Golden Year with PJ Sin Suela’s “Perdona La Espera”

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If you look carefully at PJ’s Soundcloud page, you’ll see that it hasn’t been that long since there’s been some activity on it. But rather than new music, he has been putting together all his tracks into a playlist. I like to think that he wanted to tidy the place up before doing some more construction on it, and “Perdona La Espera” is the first coat of painting he’s putting up.

Self-described as a writer by genetics, PJ has been around since 2012 and has even collaborated with wunderkind Álvaro Díaz. A very lyrical rapper that uses his flow to build his word attack, Sin Suela seizes every chance he gets on the mic, and “Perdona La Espera” is no exception. You can hear the desperation for his thoughts to get out, and channeled into German beatmaker Dr Slice Dave White’s triumphant instrumental. With diva vocals, luminous keyboards, and effortless choruses, PJ channels classic Kanye or Jay Z on victory lap mode without imitating either emcee; Sin Suela never loses his grip on who he is, which fuels the vocal fire of this free association piece that feels freestyled, matching personal realizations with a few points of view of the world today. It’s his big return and he relishes in it.

It has been a stellar year for Puerto Rico hip-hop, with many artists putting joint after joint of hard rhymes, dope beats, and tons of attitude. With PJ Sin Suela’s help, they seem to be leaving 2014 with quite a banger.