Chilean Band Planeta No Shares Anime-Inspired Video for “Sol a Sol”

Chilean band Planeta No caught our attention when the video for “Señorita” came out, but the clip for “Sol a Sol” – the first single from their LP Odio – is a real showstopper. A hymn to a one-sided romance and obsessive “love” had to have an equally unbalanced lead character.

Directed by Felipe Prado, the clip tells the story of a real creep whose day-to-day life involves spying on kawaii girls and making up fantasies about them. The plastic aesthetic makes this the perfect video to showcase absurd representations of women in the otaku scene (you know, those kids into anime) and on most of the Internet. In the end, the women clap back at their own objectification. The perfect harmony between the song and the video, as well as the vivid colors, make this clip a real gem.