Polvora Jimenez Drops Hilarious Diss Track About Dominican Ex-Pres Leonel Fernandez

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Charli Charli, Leonel va o no va? Ahh tabien, you don’t want to play. How about a scary short story instead.

Once upon a time in a land not too far away called “Quisqueya La Bella,” a corrupt ex-president (Leonelcito) and his bestie El Gato Felix appeared to be celebrating their imminent return to power in 2016. Sadly their celebration was cut short when “el pueblo” took to the streets to protest years of impunity for illicit enrichment.

Leonelcito and El Gato fought tooth and nail to keep their names clean, even when accused of receiving half a million dollars from drug lord Quirino. Bad news kept coming, and coming, and coming to the point that he was driven to face the nation. After 45 minutes of pure “mierda,” we’re still confused on his stance on the imminent referendum. The referendum would allow incumbent president Danilito to run for re-election.

If you’re still awake right now, you might want to listen Polvora Jimenez‘s version of Leonel Fernandez’s story. It’s quite entertaining and educational, assuming you’re looking to enrich your Dominicanese.

Ok Charli: Charli Charli, Leonelcito va o no va? Ayyyy coño se jodio esta vaina.