This EP From Monterrey’s Polybiu$ Will Put You in a Global Bass Trance

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This EP has no chill, which is one of the reasons we like 23-year-old Monterrey producer Polybiu$, aka Fernando Lara. Aselerao EP, which premieres today on Remezcla, is his five-track ode to llegando a un cierto nivel — getting lit, getting hyphy, turning up, and staying there for a long, hot second.

Bass is the driving force of Polybiu$’ work, but he’s committed to keeping it global. Find Rio’s funk carioca, moombahton, and tribal beats woven into the pulsing mood board of Aselerao. Make no mistake, this is a man who is here for the fusion.

Polybiu$ tells us he’s been producing since he was 13 and DJing since he was 18. He’s managed to link with bass producers from all over the international scene and played stages at events like Monterrey’s Neon Planet Festival. He is currently working with Miami’s La Clinica Records, founded by three time Grammy-nominated producer Frank “El Médico” Rodríguez, who has made beats for everyone from Daddy Yankee to Ricky Martin and Wisin and Yandel.

Reggaton samplings come through on Aselerao, but hooks are repeated ad infinitum, as with “Metele” and “Todos Quieren,” which pulls a “rakata” moment through an endless loop. Maybe we’re partying at high BPMs, but the repetition of a single line or two makes Aselerao an occasion for club meditation — high-energy moments of beat transcendence that bounce for so long that you’re liable to slip into a trance. When you come out, you’ll probably have drunk five Red Bull and vodkas and bought a ticket to Monterrey (sorry, bet that was expensive, but it was probably the right thing to do).

Those looking for more Polybiu$ without cash for the trip to Mexico will find acceleration inspiration on his SoundCloud. We’re particularly down for this moombahton moment with Elvis Crespo’s classic “Suavemente” and his trap reimagining of Bay Area-bred MC Kreayshawn’s mall job anthem “Go Hard.”