Pønce’s “Destruirte” Video is a Danceable Ode to Doomed Love

Mexican producer Pønce has been hard at work getting his new album El Fin De Los Tiempos ready to see the light. Earlier in the year, he gave us a first taste of this record with his breezy, piano-driven single “Animal.” Now we have an official second single in “Destruirte,” a love letter punctuated with pain and regret.

“Destruirte” is harsh, with lyrics describing a relationship ravaged by a love so toxic both parties are equally complicit in its demise. “Por que no dejas de seguirme y dejas de intentar ser mi mitad” sings Pønce, simultaneously pushing away and accepting the inevitable bond he shares with his lover. The lyrical darkness is also reflected in the music, where fuzzy synths and drum loops that mimic a beating heart act as a danceable backdrop for Pønce to spin his tale.

The song’s accompanying video is equally ominous, featuring the producer and his lover in the backseat of a car, hands locked and gazes meeting, sporting visibly anxious expressions. Upon arriving at their destination – a beautiful dilapidated structure – Pønce reaches into the ground and pulls out a knife. He instructs his girl to thrust it into his heart. Though the overall symbolism is clear, quirky animated bats featured throughout the course of the video add levity and a hint of mystery to an otherwise devastating piece.

Watch the video here and brace yourselves for the grand release of El Fin De Los Tiempos on August 26.