Ponce’s “Be My Queen” Video Follows a Mysterious Cross-Border Romance

Mexico City producer Ponce uses synths to shape the dark and shimmering textures at the core of his music. His capacity to carve bliss and gloom out of moody beats is what ultimately informs his sound as Ponce. This is the way he crafted the songs on his last LP Viejo, where he channels future bass to make what he calls dark pop.

The stop-and-go rhythm of “Be My Queen” tugs at the heartstrings, sparking dreamlike wanderlust. Ponce’s fractured but pop-oriented beats offer the ideal atmosphere to tell a story about love, lust, and a mysterious journey to bring two people together. The visuals for “Be My Queen” showcase Tijuana’s All My Friends – one of the most photogenic festivals of Latin America – and later some scenery from Silverlake, California, offering a glimpse into two micro-worlds connected by one star-crossed romance. Check out the clip above.