Premiere: AHBS is Hungover in “Duele Todo”

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Born “in the confines of their small Bushwick studio during a particularly long North Eastern winter” comes AHBS (pronounced: abz), a twisted electro-pop duo with roots in Buenos Aires and NYC. Also known as DJs AHARAW and Billy Scher, the two are reformatting their club-performing bravado for an all-inclusive trip where positivity—and an outlandish sense of humor—comes first.

As an exclusive premiere, “Duele Todo” embodies a sonic ode to the rave hangover, keeping the pace slow moving with chopped vocals and swooping synth stabs. AHBS’ debut album on Doom Dab, Mate y Agave, is due out soon and muses on days beyond what felt like a forever-winter, full of “summer, sex, and herbal lifestyles.”

Doom Dab is also home to R&B experimentalist Thurmon Green, Jay Boogie (who lent some Spanglish vocal heat to the album), and Kay Rizz, who sings on and appears in their bizarre video for forest-set lead single “Spill.”
Keep an eye on Doom Dab for an exact release date for Mate y Agave.