Exclusive: Animal Chuki’s “Frutero” Wraps Ñu-Cumbia Sounds Around Afro-Peruvian Samples

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Two years after their Capicúa EP, Peruvian duo and ZZK Records signees Animal Chuki‘s debut LP, Frutero, will be released this week, and they shared with us the first single, also called “Frutero.” Andrea Campos y Daniel Valle-Riestra have built their career exploring folkloric Latin American sounds, with a strong foot in cumbia. So, naturally, that’s what we find in this song.

Built around samples of a décima by Afro-Peruvian musician Nicomedes Santa Cruz called “El Frutero,” the song adds a psychedelic cumbia track. The cold main synth sounds like something out of a Night Slugs track, but fits very well, especially against the more expected organ sounds. The beat is steady, as it should be, and the general vibe is a little eerie, but still danceable.