Premiere: Balún’s #Dreambow Track “Años Atrás” Gets the Video Treatment

Puerto Rico’s sweetheart band Balún is reportedly still working on their third album, and to make the wait more bearable the quartet premieres a video for “Años Atrás,” which has the honor of being the first #dreambow song ever recorded.

The video for “Años Atrás” gets away from the song’s original theme about an airplane stranded in the tropics (not like we need another plane crash story, even if it’s fictional), and instead offers an intimate view into a friendship-turned-platonic-love. We follow two restless friends on a night full of sparklers, beers, reggaeton, and furtive kisses featuring the cool venue El Local en Santurce, other places in San Juan, and a beach in the city of Arecibo.

Director Joel Pérez Irizary (who also directed their video for “Be Careful When You Walk”) captures the sensual tension that floats in between the whimsical mood every Balún tune transmits, making us feel weak at the knees. The hidden force of dreambow truly manifests itself as the narrative unfolds, revealing new possibilities for a welcoming merge between two musical worlds that often turn their backs on each other.