A Yoko Ono Superfan Gets Kidnapped in Bruha’s New Video

Late last year, we wrote about Chon Lennon, the debut EP from Xochimilco producer Jorge Sánchez, also known as Bruha. It’s the first release by new Mexican imprint Duro, and its five tracks, co-produced by fellow artist and label co-founder Bufi, explore the realm of techno with a hint of darkness and wry humor, mostly represented in the vocals and song titles. A great example is standout track “Yoko Ono,” where he reveals a clear obsession with the Japanese artist. Now, his fascination with Yoko gets a brilliant visual portrayal, thanks to Mexican production house Infinito Corazón.

The Adrián Méndez-directed video follows a Yoko-obssessed Sánchez as he takes off in pursuit of a mysterious woman. He’s later abducted by two men in sunglasses, played by Bufi and Silver Light. The whole video runs like an absurdist techno thriller, as black-and-white images, magazine covers, and portraits of Yoko Ono flash across the screen, a bizarre romp honoring the iconic artist and singer.

Yoko Ono just opened an exhibition in Mexico City and was honored as a “distinguished visitor” by the local government. It’s not clear whether the video’s arrival coincides with the honor, but either way, it’s a must-see adventure.

Bruha’s Chon Lennon is out now on Duro.