California Emcee Cola Keeps the Hustle Alive in”Out Here” Video

The window blinds slowly open in the first few seconds of the visual collaboration between rapper Cola and director Chito Floriano for Cola’s single, “Out Here.” The view – a couple of palm trees – looks strictly West Coast, which makes sense since both artists, audio and visual, are from California.

The San Jose-based emcee is practicing what he’s preaching in the motivational track. He recently released his No Such Thing EP (download it here) and is continuing the hustle, promoting the project with a new music video. Starting in a home and ending up in a parking lot in front of a local liquor store, Cola raps about taking control of your own destiny through hard work. As the video goes on, he even finds himself in a piñata room (still spreading the same message, though) while he’s strolling through a local outdoor market and taking pictures with fans. You know, typical day. The colors and images combine to give you a taste of the city and what glimpse at what Cola and his buddies would do on a normal free day without being in front of a lens.