PREMIERE: Colombian Bedroom Pop & Peruvian Rap Make for a Single That Leaves Us Wanting ‘Más’

Lead Photo: Photo courtesy of the artist.
Photo courtesy of the artist.
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Inspiration is forever unpredictable and sometimes your best ideas come while sitting on the couch. At least that was the case for Colombian singer-songwriter and producer Camilo Chamorro, aka Chamo, who turned a lazy afternoon into a snappy writing session that blossomed into his new single “Más.”

The latest cut from his forthcoming EP Re Denso en Menor is a slow-burning, almost sleepy slice of bedroom pop juiced up with production from Nestor Cifuentes and an effervescent rap from rising Peruvian crooner Diego Trip. “Más” plays out like a series of snapshots in Chamo’s memory, reminiscing on the serendipitous night where he met the flame igniting his passions, asking for more love, words and touch.

“The song was born while watching Rick & Morty with a friend,” Chamo notes via press release. “I began playing the song on guitar and together we constructed the melody and the verse, recording with my cell phone. I finished the song later, but I had been trying to figure it out for days; that afternoon it just flowed. Later came the rap from Diego Trip and it was super cool getting an international feature. I loved the magic he infused into it!”

While sparse instrumentation and dejected vocals from Chamo inject “Más” with a droning, unshakeable sense of longing, the Daniela Santamaría-directed music video follows actress Camila Muñoz as she slips into a frantic artistic trance. Original art by Okey and creative direction from Mariana Valderrama add even more stylistic layers to the elegantly shot clip, with Muñoz growing increasingly agitated as if trying to purge her melancholy through art. Watch the video premiere below:

“Más” is an exciting step forward for Chamo who has established himself as a talent to watch in Bogota’s DIY underground, releasing his buzzy debut EP Nostalgia Cliché in early 2020 and performing at Hermoso Ruido‘s digital edition later that year. Now, with his sophomore EP Re Denso en Menor on the horizon, each new single peels back influences from lo-fi, trap and R&B. Refrain from putting Chamo in a box because he’s bound to keep giving us más y más.