Premiere: DJ Raff’s Sexy Shape-Shifting “My Girls” Video

DJ Raff and his Pirotecnia imprint have teamed up with Nacional Records to make a juicy treat. On June 30th, they’re releasing Pirotecnia Vol. 1, a compilation featuring some of the best names in the current Chilean underground electronic scene. A full tracklist hasn’t been released yet, but we know it will include some awesome names like Daniel Klausser, Fantasna, Roman & Castro, and Raff himself.

And today, we’re premiering the music video for one of the tracks included in the compilation, DJ Raff’s “My Girls.” Here, Raff shows his love for women in a sort of deconstructed way. The screen is overwhelmed with animations of women’s body parts, along with miscellaneous elements, creating kaleidoscopic shapes in various settings, like beaches, space, or a simple solid background. Equally suggestive are the little metaphorical references to femininity, like flowers and, ehm, pussy cats, and the final effect is definitely a sexy one.

Pirotecnia Vol. 1 is out digitally and on limited vinyl next June 30th on Nacional Records and Pirotecnia. Don’t miss DJ Raff live this July on LAMC.