Premiere: Elegante & La Imperial’s “Nunca” Explores the Soundscapes of Digitized Chicha

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Lima’s Elegante & La Imperial graces us with a preview of their upcoming album via this Remezcla exclusive premiere of “Nunca,” also marking the first release after their conversion to a live band format.

We first became acquainted with Elegante & La Imperial from their last single “Puro Comer,” which arrived in the world paired with “one of the most visually enticing videos [we’ve] seen in while.” The track loops and remixes a classic chicha break from Pucallpa, crafted by Perú’s own Juaneco y su Combo. The video makes our lives a little more hyper-neon and mango-filled.

The project, which started out with Daniel Martinetti working synths, drum machines, and samples, now counts among its members Alejandro Leon on bass and guitar, Maxx Donagini on percussion, and singer Fefa Cox, whose vocals are in the forefront of the new single.

“Nunca” is the crew stepping out to flaunt the possibilities available to them after deciding to take on a live band format. Cox smoothly raps and sings her way over jungle samples and guitar riffs reminiscent of the beachside. The band describes their sound as “orgánica y con alma,” and they match this description by creating a soundscape that works in car honk samples as well as waves slowly rolling, a sound that is both urban and natural in its language.

The album will be arriving on the imprint Auxiliar Net Label, one of Dengue Dengue Dengue‘s latest projects. They are well-versed in the art of sharing digitized, homegrown Peruvian sounds pa’l mundo.