Premiere: Elsa y Elmar’s Wistful Video for “Exploradora”

Elsa y Elmar is the musical moniker of Elsa Carvajal, the newest songwriter from Colombia — by way of San Francisco — to capture our attention. While her first EP, Sentimos Bien, tended towards contemporary folk sounds, in her upcoming release we see a transition to electronic arrangements, drum machines, and choice synths.

Produced by Mateo Lewis, “Exploradora” is the first single off of REY, an album that signals a major evolution for Elsa y Elmar, not only sonically but also thematically. Her lyrics draw on intense trips and on personal accomplishments. In her comeback, Elsa is switching things up and goes on a quest for artistic growth. This progression is visually portrayed in the video as she explores Yosemite’s beautiful landscapes, yet never forgets the sea, el mar… (especially with that dance). In the end, the message is clear: Elsa faces the fact that things are never the way one wants them to be.

Elsa y Elmar will be playing Colombia’s Estereo Picnic Festival on March 14th.