Premiere: Erick Rincón Prepares for World Domination with ‘#FutureTribal’ EP

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As one third of 3Ball MTY, Erick Rincón has tweaked a style of music to his own image, toured the world with internationally renowned artists, played huge festivals and snagged a ton of awards; all this at 21. Still, it seems it’s not enough for him. He wants more.

Whether the release of his new EP is part of a strategy for world domination or simply a stop gap between his current touring schedule and the next 3Ball studio album, what is uncontroversially true here is that Erick is not squandering his turn at the bat. #FutureTribal is not only a personal showcase for the DJ, it also hints at the possibilities of the subgenre to take over the party happy masses.

#FutureTribal has synths and melodies that fade in and out of the beat, while the beats themselves drop at strategic places for maximum dance floor impact; any fake DJ could press play and impress their crowd, thanks to Erick’s impeccable work. The music here is far less vocal than that of his main job, but it’s also bigger, more bombastic and ambitious. It’s like if Rincón is trying to link his style with that of EDM. Structurally it recalls the big beats and party tricks of the genre, and wouldn’t feel out of place at EDC or any other major festival in the world.

This is small collection of songs that also link tribal with other styles of music that are more prevalent today, with some trap and bass influences throughout. On what is the biggest departure for Erick, “Danza De Los Muertos” has a swing and flow that vaguely suggest a relationship with samba without being too obvious or cliché about it. This is all good, as it represents how the rhythm Rincón is more accustomed to working with can be fused with so much music without forcing it or making it sound like a gimmick.

Listen to the whole EP right here.