Premiere: Guaynaa Is Back With Haunting “Chicharrón” Video Featuring Cauty

Lead Photo: Photo courtesy Universal Music
Photo courtesy Universal Music
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Slow-drip reggaeton à la early 2000s is a rarity these days, as most artists opt for higher BPMs and tightly-packed bars. In “Chicharrón,” Guaynna, self-proclaimed connoisseur of el ritmo que debilita, and Cauty, a new Puerto Rican artist on the scene who once released a song called “El Perreo Intenso,” apply the same passional energy they’re known for to a more honeyed melaza flow, courtesy of urbano veterans DJ Blass and Mister Greenzz.

Make no mistake though – this is obviously bidding for a shot at being the backdrop to your perreo-primed get togethers. Set in an odd dystopia where a wake for the sweat-provoking dance takes place, the two arrive on the scene to shake things up and revive that primal energy in folks of all ages, dead and alive. The song, named after what we all know is a pork delicacy best had with lime, is familiarly irreverent, as the two sing about tension, and its release through the opening up of anything and everything but the heart.

Reggaeton is far from dead, and these two are committed to ensuring it stays that way. Already knighted by a few other vets in the game, the age of Guaynna is only beginning. Breezy and refreshingly “normal,” sporting yacht lounging clothing at all times, his suave and unphased nature continues to bleed through in his work (full body rolls aside).

This new track, of course, is Guaynna’s follow-up to the ever-addictive “Rebota,” which opened the door for his star-studded remix, and like anyone who starts on a high note, applied added weight for proof that he’s no one hit wonder. “We’re two talents who want to write our own page in the history of the genre,” says the 26-year-old.

Watch our exclusive premiere of “Chicharrón” below: