Premiere: Tijuana’s Invitado Sorpresa Shares Fractured Acid Pop EP ‘Frívolo’

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Art done The Pecco Way by Pecco.

Nobody expects Invitado Sorpresa anymore than they do the Spanish Inquisition, which I guess is kind of the point. The question remains however: where the hell did this guy come from?

Invitado Sorpresa is a side project by Tijuana’s Rodrigo Luviano. Part of a new breed of electronic producers that includes the likes of Benfika and Grenda, Luviano also circulates the ether under the moniker Siberium. Comparison between his two projects, however, is completely unwarranted, as the pair have little to nothing in common. Whereas Siberium sits comfortably nestled in the twilight, Invitado Sopresa is all glee, at least at the surface.

There’s a certain cheekiness to all the exuberance surrounding Invitado Sorpresa, to be sure, but it’s a warm welcome in the midst of all the somber, sleepy sounds plaguing contemporary electronic music. Even the name seems to be some sort of self-deprecating jab, suggesting in a wink-and-nod fashion: “Everyone just needs to chill the fuck out.” Seriously.

By the way, there’s music behind all this – an entire debut EP titled Frívolo, in fact. Showering the listener in celestial pads and arpeggiating melodies, the music hints at danceability, and just barely inches on the tongue-in-cheek cheesiness suggested in the title, though never really crossing the threshold into self-parody. Think Panda Bear. Wait, no, scratch that – don’t think, just go.

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