Premiere: Kinética’s “Eres Una Pared” Video Beats Hard and Fluid All at Once

Emiliana Araya and her Kinética musical project popped up on our radar two years ago, when she released a beautiful album called II, the follow-up to her eponymous 2010 debut album on Chilean imprint Dilema Industria. We were captivated by the way she subtly plays with hard and soft, by De Janeiros’ notorious production stamp, and by the moving French horn arrangements by Cómo Asesinar a Felipes member Marcos Meza.

That’s why we’re proud to exclusively share with all of you the premiere of Kinética’s new single, “Eres Una Pared.” Co-produced by Araya and composer Andrés Abarzúa, the song is an exhilarating journey. She steps deeper into the darker and harsher end of electronic music, playing with distortion, and fast, almost industrial beats; but she also balances it with some deep and tender R&B sounds and, of course, her sweet voice. She asks her lover to be open with her, singing “para poder saber me tienes que hablar/para poder decir te tienes que abrir,” and then hard-hitting kick drums thump like they’re ready to tear down the wall between them.

Kinética recruited director Rosario González, who also directed another video we just premiered – Motivado’s “Profiterol”–  as well as videos for Dënver and Fakuta. She delivered some classy and fitting black and white images of slowed-down wu-shu fighters, a martial arts discipline Araya’s been a fan of for a long time. This is a visual take of Kinética’s hard/soft approach, where the fighters’ menacing moves are so softened that they wind up looking more like a dance. She also makes an appearance in the video, with a melancholy delivering of the lyrics.

Kinética’s upcoming album, III, is expected to drop by the year’s second half.