Premiere: Eternal Hustler Latin Bitman Previews New Album with Slow Dub Burner “Keep On”

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Latin Bitman is the working man’s DJ/producer. You may not recognize his name but you’ve definitely heard his music, which has appeared in 10 albums in the span of a decade as well as in video games (various FIFA games, Need For Speed) and TV shows (Dexter, Weeds, Nikita, 90210). Do I need to mention his collaborations with Eric Bobo (Ritmo Machine), Natalia Clavier, and many others?

Bitman, ever the restless artist, returns with a new full-length album on November 11th titled Airplane, which has been his preferred (not to mention required) method of travel the past decade. “Keep On” is one of the leads off the album and is a slow dub burner that picks up thanks to the beat and percussion. It captures that essence of mental restlessness mixed with physical exhaustion, thanks in part to jet lag.