Premiere: AJ Dávila Collaborator Lola Pistola Crafts a Heartbreak Surf Garage Ballad on “Tú Pensabas”

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There are many moments in our lives when we feel some strong negative emotions. Most of us have a difficult time turning them into words or even clear thoughts; for artists, they usually draw from these experiences to build their craft and express themselves. Having said that, very few times they have the opportunity to document their feelings as they are happening, turning them into something memorable. Some people have luck by their side though, like Lola Pistola who had that very chance, and now she has the track to prove it.

That’s how she remembers the moment when “Tú Pensabas” came to life. She was in the studio with AJ Dávila recording his Terror Amor album; for some reason they started fooling around with a melody and things started to turn into a cohesive song, so they turned on Dávila’s tape recorder and made a song inspired by Lola’s then-current heartbreaking feelings.

With melodic input from AJ,the singer also known as Fiasco crafted a bizarro surfy garage ballad with sampling and some atmospheric guitars. The production is purposely noisy but the melodies are undeniable, although they deal with what Lola describes in her own words as “knowing exactly what’s wrong, dissolution and renewals, or the unhealthy patterns of love.” Her vocals are cheery and poppy, which instantly adhere to your head; the sing-songy, childlike quality resonates in the warped corridors of the song.

Lola Pistola is slated to release an EP this summer. For now, tide yourself over with a brand new spin on a classic formula of happy melodies donning a dark emotion.