Premiere: Captain Planet and Canyon Cody Remix Buyepongo’s Guacharaca-Heavy “Maestro”

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Bastard Jazz’s Captain Planet and Subuselo’s Canyon Cody put a peak time dance floor spin on the guacharaca-heavy, gaita-inspired original track from Buyepongo, “Maestros.” The track is included on  the A-side to the new 45 released this week from the Southern California band, putting a new spin on regional music from Colombia, Haiti, Belize, Honduras, and the Dominican Republic.

The remix release coincides with Captain Planet officially joining Subsuelo as a full-time resident starting tonight at their regular spot at Eastside Luv, following a previous collaborative release that remixed a classic Celia Cruz track “Pun Pun Catalu” released by Fania Records last year.

The B-side of the new Buyepongo 7″ is “Mulatu Para Ti,” which just premiered at Wax Poetics via Soul Fiesta Records.