Premiere: Mariel Mariel’s Video “Noche Noche”

Lead Photo: Photo by Flying High Photography

Chilean songstress Mariel Mariel has tried it all. Throughout her musical career, she’s jumped from genre to genre, in search of her own voice and sound. With her 2013 EP, Foto Pa Ti, it feels like she finally found it, with some help from her partner Andrés Landon. Embracing urban sounds with an organic approach, the EP placed her midway between a sweet singer and an MC, and it all just sounds refreshing.

Foto Pa Ti had legs – so much so, that two years after its release Mariel Mariel is still putting out singles off it. Today, we premiere the music video for her song “Noche Noche,” directed by Guillermo Llamas and Flesh Films. Shot in the tropical settings of Zihuatanejo, Mariel Mariel dips into Pacific waters backed by greenery so saturated and bright we want to jump into the screen. Then, almost unnoticeably, it gets dark, and bodies begin to move seductively around a bonfire. Mariel looks strong, cigar in hand, delivering the lines “cuando bailo contigo transmitimos señales/tiembla el cielo y el piso/nos tocamos como animales,” while engulfed by flames. That’s the image that will get stuck with you for days – the perfect visual for this fire track.

Stay tuned for the re-release of Foto Pa Ti as an LP in August